20-21 Snowsports Policies and Procedures

Snow Sports Policies and Procedures

  • Due to the capacity restrictions in the chalet, we encourage guests to come dressed and ready since there won’t be space inside for this.
    • If you can’t get ready beforehand, please be prepared to get ready at your vehicle.
  • Check-ins will be outside at the blue pop up tent: to receive a lesson lift ticket, purchase rentals and after lesson lift tickets if needed.
  • After rentals are purchased, you’ll be directed to the rentals lesson line to get geared up before meeting your instructor at the educational meeting sign. 
    • All personal gear that isn’t needed for lessons will have to be left with parents or dropped off at vehicle before the start of lesson.
  • To pick up participants at the end of the lesson time, please meet the instructor by the educational meeting place sign again, or discuss your plan with them when you first meet them, to conclude the lesson!
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of your lesson time if you need rentals! 


  • Advanced reservations are required.
  • There will be a $10 reservation fee taken when a lesson reservation is confirmed.
    • Credit or debit card information will be taken over the phone at time of confirmation to process the reservation fee.
    • That $10 will be put towards your lesson cost on the day of lesson, if you don’t request any changes to your lesson date and time within 48 hours.
  • If you purchase a Private Lesson 6-pack, the $10 reservation fee will be carried over through each lesson if there are no requested changes within 48 hours of your scheduled lesson dates and times.
    • When you check out for your 6th lesson, and if you didn’t have any requested changes within 48 hours for your scheduled lesson times, you will be refunded the $10.
  • Any lessons that are scheduled within 24 hours, will be charged a $10 rush fee to fit the lesson in!
  • No last minute or walk in lessons.


  • Lessons will be rescheduled for free if asked before 48 hours of the original lesson time.
  • Any changes requested within 48 hours will lead to the forfeiture of the initial $10 reservation fee.
    • The rescheduled lesson will require a new $10 non refundable reservation fee that will be put towards your new lesson time on the day of lesson and purchase.
  • Reschedules will be free for Mt. La Crosse closures.


  • Physical distancing will not always be possible during a lesson, especially for group lessons or lessons with younger kids.
  • So, face coverings are strongly encouraged for both instructors and participants.
  • For all lessons, participants and instructors will meet outside by the ski educational meeting place sign, not indoors.

Our goal is to create a fun and safe learning environment for all our guests! As the current situation is ever changing, these policies and procedures are subject to change as needed.