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The Elan Explore 6 Red skis with bindings are a fantastic system that is perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers who are looking to progress their skills and their love for the sport of skiing. Avoiding the rental line is a huge benefit with these skis, and you’ll love their lightweight performance. Elan has used a great combination of construction and technology in order to create an easy-skiing and lightweight product that a lot of beginner and intermediate skiers can enjoy. As a result of the cap construction, the skis are quick, snappy, and easy to turn. In addition, they are also quite durable. With no laminates stacked upon one another like in a traditional sandwich ski, the cap construction of the Explore 6 Red skis keeps everything together under one roof. The waveflex topsheet shape is built into the skis and this makes the tip to tail flex a lot more stable and smooth while also creating a nice torsional flex. Elan has been playing around with shape and profile for decades now, and the things they come up with actually work, they are not gimmicks. The wood core is a composite blend that features two wood stringers that run the length of the ski over the edges. This makes for great edge control without adding weight. With fiberglass reinforcement, the skis get another layer of performance and skiers who are looking for a bit of a challenge will love the added stiffness and response. The 2021 Elan Explore 6 Red skis with EL 9.0 bindings are an awesome setup for skiers who are looking to skip the rental line and head straight for the mountain.

Bindings included

Size: 146cm

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